Hope for America PAC Releases 2010 General Election Endorsements

LENEXA, KS (October 25, 2010) – Today, the Hope for America Political Action Committee (HFAPAC) endorsed several candidates in contested general election races in Kansas and the Third Congressional District. These candidates met the required two-thirds majority approval in a ballot of HFAPAC’s membership.

“These men and women meet the high standard of following and supporting the United States Constitution, and the Hope for America PAC is proud to stand behind these individuals who are carrying on the fight to support, protect, and defend our freedoms and liberties,” HFAPAC Chairman Steve Shute said. “In this critical election season, where the future course of this nation hangs in the balance, it is especially crucial that we have people in office that will stand in the gap to resist statist tyranny in any form. We are confident that these individuals will answer the call.”


Federal Races

US Senate                         NO ENDORSEMENT
US House District 1      TIM HUELSKAMP

US House District 2      NO ENDORSEMENT
US House District 3      NO ENDORSEMENT
US House District 4      MIKE POMPEO

Statewide Races

Kansas Governor                    NO ENDORSEMENT
KS Secretary of State            KRIS KOBACH
KS Attyorney General          NO ENDORSEMENT
KS State Treasurer                 RON ESTES
KS Insurance Comm.            NO ENDORSEMENT

Kansas Legislature

Senate-7             NO ENDORSEMENT
House-14            LANCE KINZER *
House-15           ARLEN SIEGFRIED *
House-16           AMANDA GROSSERODE
House-17           KELLY MEIGS
House-18            JOHN RUBIN
House-19           JEFFREY CALDWELL
House-20            NO ENDORSEMENT
House-21           ROBERT McELWAIN
House-22           GREG SMITH
House-23           BRETT HILDABRAND
House-24           NO ENDORSEMENT
House-25           NO ENDORSEMENT +
House-26           ROB OLSON *
House-27           RAY MERRICK *
House-28           NO ENDORSEMENT +
House-29           NO ENDORSEMENT
House-30           NO ENDORSEMENT +
House-38           ANTHONY BROWN *
House-39           OWEN DONOHOE *
House-43           S. MIKE KIEGERL *
House-48           MARVIN KLEEB *
House-49           SCOTT SCHWAB *

Kansas State Board of Education

District 3            JOHN BACON *

Johnson County Board of County Commissioners

BOCC Chair              NO ENDORSEMENT
BOCC District 1      NO ENDORSEMENT +

(*)  incumbent            (+)  2/3 of membership selected “none of the above” to endorse


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